Tuesday, October 31, 2006


halfed, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

heres an old one from my archive which i managed to process,
the one i was having trouble with in photoshop,sam's trick worked,thanks...!
saw the guy cut the fish into two,it was quite a disgusting sight,cudn get myself to click it....
the other half was kept on a counter for sale,i wonder if people buy half fish....??!!
anyhow, minor processing----selective de-saturation,levels,curves


Laurie said...

Glad you figured out the problem you were having.

I discoverd something, I think, that makes selective desaturation a bit nicer. I think if you desaturate even the areas you want left in color just a bit, it makes more of an impact that leaving the saturated parts fully saturated, if you follow what I'm saying. I always wondered why I was not a fan of selective coloring, and I think it was because the areas with color had too much color whereas if even those areas are desaturated, just to a lesser degree, it is more subtle and seems to have a better impact.

PhotoSam said...

laurie's technique works with a few images only, you can never be sure which ones would look better or worse like that...

its very well taken, theres seems to be an incompleteness about the shot that brings out the quality of 'halved'