Saturday, February 17, 2007

long time no blogger...!
anyhow i have been nominated at the 2007 photobloggies,

Sunday, November 26, 2006


unfortunately,i will soon delete this blog,
i am quite happy with the response on shutterchance and i like the community there,
goodbye blogger...!!


Monday, November 13, 2006

blogger trouble

i cudnt manage to tweak my blogger template as much as i'd want to..
while trying to do so i stumbled upon some photoblog hacks for blogger beta so to try them out i converted my blogs to beta.NOW,it turns out i cant post comments on non-beta blogs..!!

anyhow activity will continue on the shutterchance page for a while now,giving this a bit of rest,im really frustrated with blogger.....commenting+sign in+posting+editing problems...!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


contact point, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

woohoo....finally reached 1000 visitors,but it isnt all good,theres a flipside as well,around 25-50 visits daily but only 1 or 2 comments...
no one seems to be commenting on the pictures,
its quite bugging, i always take the time out to comment on other blogs,
the max comments i've got a pic is 4 which is quite pathetic..
hats off to laurie for visiting everyday though---laurie could you please give me your email address,woud like to ask you a few questions....
i'm considering a move,
please visit the page and tell me what you think....
and also...
u think i should maintain both the blogs....?
post here AND there everytime?

i'm quite confused....
and how should i do it...first upload all my images there..and then start posting the new ones...
or post the new ones there from now on...
but i also want people to be able to see my older shots.....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

dance series 2 of 2

gauri, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

heres the second shot in the series,
again,one of the performances on founders day....a solo dance

founders day went of pretty well.....
my photographs were put up,i recieved the principles award for music and i finally got my badges for the cheif executive of the editorial board and co-curricular captain of mother teresa house....! so ya good day for me....

for all rock lovers......
split magazine they have a great radio section with some good indian bands and lots of downloads/reviews etc.....
and of course rsjonline
ask me for suggestions on which bands to check out....

Friday, November 03, 2006

dance series 1of 2

dance, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

the first in a 2 shot series of indian classical dances,
my school is gearing up for its founders day and an elaborate show has been put up with an orchestra,classical dances,choir performances and an art exhibition...(7 of my prints have been selected for it...!!) and i'm getting the founders day prize of exellence in instrumental music...!! woohooo...!! haha..

this was taken during one of the rehersals.....
taking photographs in the auditorium was a great challenge...low light sitiuations,large distances,so if i used my telephoto it would was almost impossible to shoot handheld....borrowed a monopod from a friend which let me get down 2 stops.....but still at iso 200 it was still a challenge,
low light photography is something i would love to learn a lot about,hoping you guys can help me out here....

and also,it seems like laurie is the only one taking the time to comment,her comments really help me get better.....
if you visit please take the time to comment it'l really help.....


monk, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

another shot from my sri-lanka archive,
taken on an island near colombo where only this monk and another one stay,they have devoted their lives to this temple,he was born on this island and hasnt left it ever since,other than when he was really sick.
there was a huge buddha shrine and an old ancient book of scriptures which was quite interesting when they translated it for us,
great experience.......!!!

P.S Please take the time to visit the archives,all comments will be appreciated.....!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

problems problems

hi,posting this from a friends computer,
seems like my problems never seem to end,
there was some issue with the power supply,meaning no power at home since last night and still no sollution,
seems like the main line has been cut,
the invertor and generator just happened to stop working today.seems like i'm back to pre-historic times eh,candles and all...!!
hopefully it should all be sorted out tomorrow,will post from somewhere tomorrow for sure anyhow,
thanks for your patience guys....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


halfed, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

heres an old one from my archive which i managed to process,
the one i was having trouble with in photoshop,sam's trick worked,thanks...!
saw the guy cut the fish into two,it was quite a disgusting sight,cudn get myself to click it....
the other half was kept on a counter for sale,i wonder if people buy half fish....??!!
anyhow, minor processing----selective de-saturation,levels,curves

Sunday, October 29, 2006

P.P problem

hey guys,
finally gathered some energy and got on the computer to process an old image i had taken...
on this computer i only have photoshop5,as its an old windows 98 machine.... i usually use dads laptop to process on cs2,
but this time after some selective de-saturation,levels and curves etc the file is only saving as .psd and not as jpg,tried everything possible, maybe i'm missing something...
i tried exporting to .gif and then converting to .jpg well that didn work either as quality sucked...
any idea on how to save it as jpg????

Friday, October 27, 2006


well i caught a respiratory tract infection,
have a bad cold,headache,
so posting will be on hold till atleast sunday,i'm not really allowed to be on the computer.....
will be visiting your blogs only by sunday now......
till then please take the time to visit my archives.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

our version of a flower child?

sadhu, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

part of the flower children movement from our end i presume,
caught him on my visit to chail,
quite friendly,VERY well informed about early rock music surprisingly....!!! would have liked to get a better background but this will do,
well i love his hair, LONG LONG LONG dreadlocks....!!
deep knowledge about instruments and musicians as well....!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

camera shy

sanatedited, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

rare candid moment....
after letting me click a whole portfolio..sanat realises that he is not shy anymore, someone commented on how he was posing,making him quickly resume the shy pose.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


bricksedited, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

on a hike with parul aunty,not many interesting subjects around......


sparkleredited, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

happy diwali...!


voigtlander, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

this is where it all started,
dads good old voigtlander,even after extinction,the photo quality is still un-believeable....


lazy, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

new friends colony,one lazy sunday evening.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

cansaulim contd...

dried palm sunset, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

dried palm leaves against the sunset, interesting angle i thought

Monday, July 10, 2006

sunset at cansaulim

palm, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

again, taken from the hotel window,
i'd have ideally taken a shot to expose for the tree and another one for the sky , merged it to give the tree a bit more detail, but somehow the silhuette(sp?) turned out to be quite nice.


lizard, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

taken through the hotel window,
here's when i missed a 70-300mm, this was taken with a 24-85mm ED.


railroad, originally uploaded by shivahuja.

i wish i had time to compose it better, taken from the car.
wanted to try out one of those cliched along the rails shots just for kicks but time hee nahee mila....